Application of Embroidery in Hospitality Niche

Application of Embroidery in Hospitality Niche
The dictionary defines hospitality as “welcoming guests with warmth and generosity”. What could be more warm and welcoming than embroidered linens and apparel? We will tell you how to apply embroidery and embroidery digitizing to different service industries by several articles.

Those in the restaurant and hotel industry understand the importance of creating a pleasant ambiance while simultaneously firmly establishing their identity in the guest’s mind. Their entire business future depends on their guests’ lingering memories of good times enjoyed in their own signature style. Embroidery designs can remind guests of their host’s warmth and good taste, and enhance the variety of your product offering. But before we can begin to make sales presentations, we must do our homework to learn more about the products used in the world of welcomes.

Research the Products

There are traditional and non-traditional uniform choices in the marketplace, and with a little research you can begin to see your embroidery designs work in some of your favorite local businesses. Start your research by obtaining catalogs from companies that specialize in products to service industries, such as linen supplies and uniform companies. This will help you become familiar with the price points of products available for custom digitizing. Next, observe items used in your favorite restaurants and hotels, making mental notes about their selections.

There are many considerations when selecting restaurant uniforms, and some may not be apparent to those who are not in the business. Let’s start with colors. Certain colors show fewer stains, and may be preferred based for practical reasons. For example, a restaurant that uses red and white in its logo may select a khaki shirt embroidered in red and white rather than a white or red shirt that may show more stains. The point is you may not be limited to showing only products available in the client’s theme colors.

Another point - notice that waiters wear long sleeved shirts in upscale restaurants. Our sources in the restaurant business tell us that long sleeved shirts not only look dressier – this uniform choice also assures that guests will not be offended by bare arms. Also, you may need to dress the entire person – not just the shirt. Be prepared with options from pants to skirts and shorts, depending on the atmosphere of the business.

So before making a presentation to a restaurant, carefully study the uniforms currently being worn by its staff as well as other restaurants in the same genre. Is the styling casual or elegant? What color schemes are used? Are they embroidered? Finally, how do you think you could improve them?

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