Embroidery Applied in Restaurants Ⅰ

One of the largest and most approachable areas of the hospitality market is the restaurant segment. Most restaurant owners and managers already benefit of the recognition factor that embroidery digitizing service can provide, and you can provide uniforms as well as many other items. You could stand a better chance of becoming their embroidery digitizer or embroiderer of choice by offering a wide range of products to enhance their image throughout the restaurant. Here are some ideas, from the basics to the extras that can help win the account.

Some restaurant managers favor tuxedo style aprons for their stylish, dressy appearance. However the v-neck styling limits the decorating area. While you can offer embroidery designs on this style of apron, a more versatile option is a high-quality bib style apron. Check your sources for styles with wide straps with a closure, rather than thin tie straps. The difference in cost is small, but the presentation is much stronger. If you can’t find the color or style of apron that you are looking for, you may be able to have them custom made. Aprons are simple in construction and offering special color combinations or styling could be the key to a large account.

The type of shirts that are available in uniform catalogs will be different from the ones that you may be purchasing from sportswear catalogs. Even shirts with similar styling may have differences that make them wear better while maintaining an economical price point. Oxford shirts made for uniform use are likely to have more polyester content and a coarser weave than their sportswear counterparts. Shirts made with this type of fabric have a slightly firmer “hand” or feel, and are more resistant to wear from laundering and frequent use. They may also have fewer fashion features, such as fewer buttons on the button placket above the cuff, and less expensive pearl-white buttons rather than wood-tone buttons. Nevertheless, they embroidery digitizing well and are a better option for your hospitality clients because they provide a better value for their specific need.

Lest you think your customer might appreciate you furnishing a “fashion” shirt for uniform use, you may be surprised to find that the fashion shirt has a wilted appearance when you see it on their staff. A uniform shirt performs better than a fashion shirt under the wide variety of laundering techniques used by individual employees. It is likely that the garments won’t be ironed, so you can help assure repeat business by selling uniform-quality shirts to deliver a consistently crisp appearance. There is however, a trend in the uniform business in general, and hospitality in particular, toward the same business casual look that is commonly seen in the corporate setting in recent years. So, in addition to traditional styles, be sure to include some shirts that reflect current trends, such as camp shirts and Hawaiian, in your presentation. These shirts embroider well, and are available in unusual color choices.


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