Embroidery Applied in Restaurants Ⅱ

Chef Apparel
Chef coats are almost always embroidered, and are popular items in many restaurant settings – not just high end. For example, the moderately priced French-themed chain, La Madeleine, places their logo on chef’s coats to create the ambience of authentic French cuisine. This type of garment has an unusual closure, and it is important to place a mark on the garment prior to embroidering to assure straightness. Have someone try on the first garment and determine the placement while it is being worn to assure that you will embroider it correctly. Chef pants, although not embroidered, are popular items used by many kinds of restaurants, and they add
digitizing to your presentation. The loose-fitting elastic-waist pants are available in all kinds of colors and prints, and they are readily available from linen and uniform supply wholesalers. If you keep some samples, chances are good that you will sell some to people who are not in the hospitality business.

This frequently overlooked wearable can be one of the most highly profitable items in your offering, provided that you know how to embroider it effectively. If you purchase quality blazers from a wholesale source, you can easily double your money on this hard-to-find hospitality uniform. To embroider, just open the lining at the inside seam that leads to the sleeve. Stop the opening about one inch from the sleeve seam. Insert a small hoop inside the opening and embroider just above or just below the pocket welt (see illustration). If your embroidery designs will be below the welt, be sure to pull the lining fabric out of the pocket before embroidering so you don’t render the pocket useless.

Décor Items
There are fewer prospects that will select this option, but be sure to include a couple of samples in your presentations so they know this is available to them. Show a simple motif on a solid color napkin and placemat. The key is to let your client know that you can furnish this kind of product, and that it can be used to reinforce their identity to their guests. If you have a showroom, these products can be effectively displayed at a mock table setting along with your other hospitality items. It might sound unbelievable, but some embroidery digitizers we know have helped transform a restaurant or casino’s image by embroidering on the upholstery or soft chair backs. If you see an opportunity to offer this service, be sure to use polyester thread so the embroidery will be resistant to the constant abrasion that it must endure.

Resale Merchandise
Many restaurants offer caps, shirts and jackets with their embroidery designs for sale to their customers. Often displayed at the checkout register, these items are usually sold at a modest profit to provide low-cost promotion for the restaurant. This is an area where you can sell some of your more traditional sportswear merchandise to your restaurant clients.

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