The Players of Embroidery in Hospitality Niche

Uniform rental services have traditionally enjoyed a significant market share in the hospitality segment, partly because of the convenience of a fresh supply of clean uniforms delivered weekly. Also, the industrial laundry process is very efficient in removing the stains inherent in restaurant attire. But in recent years, many uniform rental companies have added sales divisions that sell uniforms rather than renting them. This shift has been brought about by the trend of some service businesses toward purchasing embroidery digitizing uniforms. Fortunately, this development gives the independent embroiderer and embroidery digitizer an equal opportunity to sell into this market.

When sourcing garments, you should locate regional distributors for major brands, just as you do for your sportswear items such as golf shirts. Just as most embroiderers don’t buy sportswear directly from mills or manufacturers, the same thing applies to hospitality wear. There are some companies that sell in small quantities, and we have listed some resources to help get you started. We have listed some resources in different articales to help get you started.

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